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ABC puzzle 1, picture.jpg
ABC puzzle 2, picture.jpg
alphabet train puzzle, picture.jpg

Alphabet Train puzzle

ABC puzzle mat.jpg

Alphabet Puzzle Mat


Which letters are missing from this set of alphabet cookie cutters?  How might you make up the missing letters?  eg turn W upside down for M, turn N sideways to make Z, use two II's with a dot between to make an H.

Letter blocks can be put in order, spell names, simple phonetic words . . . Letter cards can be sorted, spell, play concentration . . . 

Whenever putting together an alphabet puzzle, grandma would sing the ABC song  (pointing to each letter) up to the next letter and stutter until we could add that letter . . . then start the song again--

Example:  A B C D uh, uh, uh E; A B C D E uh, uh, uh F; A B C D E F uh, uh, uh . . .

ABC stencils for fun, variety.jpg

letter Stencils

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