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1.      Local Library

--Books and media you can check out

--Library programs, such as storytimes and activities; look for a calendar of activities

--Interactive children’s areas, computers, etc.

2.     Bookstores, toy stores, home improvement stores & other venues often offer storytimes or children’s activities (crafts, kid projects, workshops, classes…)

3.     Community resources, Federal Parks, Zoos, etc

--Google your city or town (or nearby city), look for a calendar, upcoming events, parks, recreation …

--Google “things to do (your city)” –historic sites, museums (including children’s and science museums), outdoor activities, events …

--Google “free fishing days (in your state)”, and “free admission to national parks”

--Zoos, museums, etc often have free or reduced admission days; google “free museum day” annually hosted by Smithsonian magazine

4.     Local parenting/family publications/guides—often available for free at the local library or other venues have monthly calendars of local events

Here’s one list of non-local website recommendations:

5.     An excellent parent resource (worth the money… available in various formats, from Amazon, etc.)

6.     I really liked this site . . . Zero to Three

Topics:  Early Development & Well-Being, Early Learning, and Parenting …

7.     Similarly, you can check out:  20 things your kid should know before Kindergarten

and 5 skills your child should know before starting Kindergarten

What Every Child Should Know Before Entering Kindergarten (wow . . . what they used to teach IN Kindergarten!)

8.      PBS kids   games, videos, etc.

National Geographic Kids

9.      Various stations and sites have kids’ programming, including videos about our world, animals, etc.

10.  Videos and programs I liked (even the language videos are bilingual and address early concepts)

--“Baby Songs-ABC, 123, Colors, and Shapes” DVD

--“Here Come the ABCs”, by Disney Sound (They Might Be Giants) available at Amazon, and some parts online 

--We Sign (colors, etc)

--Lyric Language series by Penton Overseas, Inc. (you can find some of the songs uploaded online, not as nice as the DVDs)

--Signing Time—you can find online, and DVDs (check your local library)

--Baby Einstein series—you can find online, and DVDs

--Haven’t tried but you can sample the Preschool Prep Company with this video/song

letters of the alphabet and their sounds

11.Beside buying children’s CDs and DVDs, you can go to:

--The Kidsongs Channel on YouTube

--A great site for children’s song lyrics and songs you can listen to:

--Here’s someone’s list of “Best Learning Websites for Toddlers and Preschoolers”

--Free online Preschool Games

--Free Educational Preschool Games and Apps for kids

--fun video to get you moving to the music:

     Sesame Street "Get on up and move"

Sesame Street number songs—you can find online

a. Counting with the Count, 0-20 Number of the Day

b.  Pinball Number Counting

1. Song of One

2. Poor quality upload Number 2 song

3. Do you see 3?

    Number 3 in the Forest

4. Four Big Lions

    Feist sings to 4

    Count the 4 Bubbles

5. Pentatonix sings to 5

    Baker Number 5

6. Bert’s Favorite Number 6

    Six is the number that’s on my mind

    Sesame Street Six Kids

7. Alligator King, number 7

    Baker Number 7—7 pumpkin pies

    Girls clap out a song about seven

    Jazz number 7

8. King of 8

    Baker #8

    8 Candyman

9. My Martian Cutie (Number 9)

    Classic Sesame Street song of nine

    9 pigeons

    The Little Old Lady Who Lived in a Nine

10. Ten Tiny Turtles song

      Baker number 10

      Number Ten from Tennessee

      Sesame Street Count to 10 book read aloud


11. Lovely Eleven Morning

12. The Ladybug’s Picnic—12

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