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I Love learning--and I love to talk about it. 

I wanted to share the things I have learned, and the experiences I have learned from in life, so I decided to create a web site, with the help of my grandson.  We're still working on it--learning from this new endeavor. 


Susan at sixty.jpg

Susan at 60


This is me


Wheelchair Woman

In 1988 I was in a car accident.  When I awoke at the scene, I was looking up at a lot of blue sky, lying partly under the vehicle.  People were there immediately to help and a bunch of guys tipped the car off me.  I somehow knew my legs were paralyzed, but the thought came to me, "This is something I can handle".  I knew that was naïve--because I didn't know what that would entail, but I knew it was important to let myself keep that reassurance.  I got to ride in a helicopter to first one hospital, then another.  And that began Book Two of my story.  It Has been a learning experience.


Glad Grandma

I enjoy being a grandma!  I've had the chance to live close to my grandkids, and to be involved in their lives, and they in mine.  Beside the usual grandma stuff, we've done various versions of school at home, part of the time, sometimes inviting friends to join us.  I earned an MiT degree some years ago, and have worked with kids in the schools, 4-H, and church for many years.  All this has inspired a lot of learning projects and activities that pique my interest!

Yard & Garden Grandma

I love my yard and gardens.  They are not perfect, rather continuous experiments.  I had never realized what a flower lover I was, but they bring joy to my heart.  Then there's a lot of satisfaction in growing my own food and to share.  I also love animals, and I have tried to find a pet suitable to my situation:  tried fish, little frogs, a cat, even had a few chickens and a bunny awhile (used to be Farm & Garden Grandma).  But then I had to admit that it was a bit more than I could manage, at least for now.  Life has its challenges, and yet, I am so grateful for God's gifts and tender mercies, in the garden of my Life, and the garden of my soul.


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