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Math Games and Activities

Some ideas for math/number games:

Uno:  for beginners, I take out all the specialty cards--focusing only on the numbers and colors.

Skipbo/Flinch:  play a simplified version.

Bingo:  first single digit numbers, reverse side has 11-20. You can use pennies, nuts or small candies, felt shapes, buttons, or almost anything for markers.

Ruler:  find things 4", or 6", etc.

Clock:  move the hands to 6:00, 10:00, etc; see if you can make the alarm ring ...

Die:  each person throw a die, and count the dots;   Who has most?  least?


For preschoolers, dollar bills and pennies are excellent counting practice.  Use tape measure with caution.  Cut the desk tape to the appropriate number for your learner.


Above:  tape the numeral to the corresponding number of dots or small stamps to make your own dominos.

Calendar at right--lots of opportunity to practice with numbers:  what is today?  What was the number before?  After/next? etc.


At left:  sometimes you come across the coolest stuff for only a buck!

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